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We are a major supplier of strategic materials for most of the Polish Iron and Steel mills; that is why we can also offer their wares at the attractive price level and with the good terms of sale.

We would be pleased to propose you a cooperation with our company concerning the delivery of the following products:

hot rolled plates in thickness range of 6 mm to 150 mm:

  • AlCu, St3sCuX, St3sCuY, St3sCu, St0s wg PN-81/H-92129: 08Al, 10Al, 08X, 08xa, 08y, 10x, 10y wg DIN 1623, cz2 Ust37-2g
  • made of carbon and low-alloy drawing steel, acc. to: PN-81/H-92121, PN-75/H-92134 P, T, G. B.
hot rolled plates in thickness range of 2 mm to 12 mm, made of:
  • carbon steel, acc. to: PN-81/H-92131 lub PN-83/H-92120 St3sAl. St3sCuAL, St3s, St4s, St3W, St5,
  • boiler steel, acc. to: PN-81/H-92123 St36K, St41K, St44k wg PN-En 10028 P235GH, P265GH, P295GH,
  • constructional, stainless steel, acc. to: PN-83/H-92120, PN-86/H-92149 10H, 10HA, 10HAV,
  • low-alloy steel, acc. to: PN-83/H-92120 18G2A, 18G2AV, wg DIN 17100, EN 10025 St37-2, Rst37-2, S235JRG2, S275JR, S235J2G3, St37-3, St52-3, S355JR, St52-3Cu3, Qst52-3 S355JO, S355J2G3.
seamless steel pipes: line pipes, structural tubes, boiler tubes, presurized tubes in diameter of 121 mm to 273 mm.

The inspection certificate 3.1.B is attached to all material that we deliver.

The prices are negotiated with each individual customer.

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